Madison Marriage and Family Therapy

Madison Marriage and Family Therapy provides therapy for individualscouples and families in Midtown, Manhattan. By looking into past and present relationships, we work to develop new patterns and capacities with our clients to allow them more fulfilling relationships.

We are a community of engaged and thoughtful, systemically trained practitioners. At Madison Marriage and Family Therapy we practice indepth psychotherapy that incorporates systemic, relational, contemplative and psychodynamic therapy.

Perinatal Psychotherapy focuses on the highs and lows of the childbearing years.  This is a time in our lives when we choose consciously or unconsciously to make a huge transition.  In session we look to further nurture yourself and the family you may wish to create.  We understand with this transition comes an endless source of joy and challenges, for many.  For others the level of distress is conflicting with the social and familial expectation of joy and excitement.  Many parents find themselves living under a shadowy veil, hiding their true emotions.  Our practitioners look to nurture a freedom of expression and honesty, so you can slowly and consciously feel balance again.  

Fertility Concerns
Antepartum/Postpartum Depression
Antepartum/Postpartum Anxiety
Eating Disorders
Trauma and Pregnancy
Creating an Emotional Nursery
Sleep Deprivation 
Lactation Issues
Prior Diagnoses

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